Teen Debut is a magazine for teens about teens by teens and was established to highlight and feature anything extraordinary „teen“. Our main goal is to provide teens the means to present their talent to the world whether it be artistically, intellectually, or athletically.

The magazíne is setting out to find these teens and to showcase their talent in a featured article in one of our editions. We are seeking help from the public to identify some of these talented individuals by sending us photos of an individual´s work with a short paragraph about the individual and contact information or just information on an individual explaining what makes that individual extraordinary. We make no promises that an individual will be published or featured in the magazíne but will do our best to promote those that have that special something.

Please send referrals of work or storyline to Jenz.teendebut@gmail.com. In the email please provide us with the name and contact information of the individual! that is referring a story as well as the name and contact information of the subject teen. If a story is selected we will be in touch with the subject teen. Thank you for taking an interest and being a part of something explosive for our teens.

Jenna – editor