Illustrated Magazines is a project of company SonnoLux Studio Ltd. (Slovakia/Europe) and photographer Billy Pegram (USA).


The company SonnoLux was founded by a Czechoslovak photographer Milo Zmrzly (born 1969), a native of Moravian town Ivančice, the birthplace of Alphonse Mucha. Since the year 1995, he is a professional photographer working in advertising, modeling, fashion photography and graphic design. His portfolio is filled with jobs for international magazines (Dusk Magazine, TIME Magazine, Vegas Party Life, Las Vegas Hollywood Magazine, Swimsuit Illustrated, WE ARE Slovakia…), number of commercial clients and advertising agencies (Ogilvy, Moravian Gas Company, Total – Fina – Elf, Unilever, Sika Industries, Motip CZ, LasVegas Vodka, MOL Group, RN-Design, Ministry of Justice of the Czech Republic, Milsy, Direct Film, Zoom Travel, National Theatre Brno, Renault Trucks, Leica Gallery, Kodak CZ, Enseco, HST International, Headlights & Tailpipes Show…), lots of awards (Good Design ´99 – Ministry of Economy of the Czech Republic, Golden, Silver a Bronze Award IAM Tokyo, several placements in the „Annual Report of the Year“ competitions, including first place…), and last but not least, cooperation with a legendary car designer Tom Tjaarda. In the years from 2000 to 2007, he was a creative director of Dusk Magazine. Outside of commercial jobs, he also does artistic projects.

“When I was a young boy, my parents took me to Alphonse Mucha exhibition named The Slav Epic.
To this day I remember the peculiar feeling, as I looked up onto the large canvases, strengthened by the enchanting scents of Krumlov chateau. Even though I was too young to understand what were the paintings about, a naive childish vision emerged in me.  I also wanted to create things so grand and beautiful. Since the moment I was captured by the magic of photography, I daily try to live up to that vision. With great admiration to my fellow townsman, I let his work inspire me.”     Milo


Billy Pegram is an internationally known fashion photographer, director, and author. His photos have appeared in media around the globe and also grace the cards of many of today’s young models. His past clients include Fila USA, Swatch, Road Runner Restaurants, Michael Flatley’s “Lord of the Dance”, Bon Appétit Magazine, Cosmopolitan, Women´s Wear Daily, Seventeen Magazine, Cowboys & Indians Magazine, Photoflex, Dusk Magazine, a wide variety of haute couture designers, including Billionaire Mafia Couture and Doria’s, Bikini Bay Sportswear, and also such notables as John Nordstrom and former Washington governor, Booth Gardiner. However, one of his favorite assignments was shooting publicity photos for the Goodwill Games. As a director, he was responsible for the creation of over 100 educational videos for the American College of Sports Medicine with sponsors such as Reebok, Gatorade, YMCA Corporation, and Stairmaster. He has also created a wide variety of promotional clips for clients from Ecuador to Alaska to Switzerland. Billy’s creativity combined with a natural tendency to teach others was an inspiration for the publishing house to release a series of books as teaching tools for photographers.

Milo                                                                                      Billy