Our SonnoLux Studio team, with experience gained since 1995, a large portfolio and a number of awards, will provide you with graphic design ideas, pre-print preparation and realization of Corporate Identity, all printed matters and advertising.

Under the leadership of art director Milo Zmrzly, we have not only given face to magazines of our own publishing, but also magazines and newspapers for others publishers (Vegas Party Life magazine, Las Vegas Hollywood magazine, largest Slovak newspaper „SME“). In our portfolio, you can find examples of prints we created, from graphic design to final implementation, often using our own photography services. These consist of annual reports, catalogs, prospects, leaflets, books and others. Our main domain is Corporate Identity, which includes all factors of company’s or organization’s visual identity – name, logo, colors, typography and rules of its application, basic firm printing, advertisements and other visual means (company car stickers, merchandise…). This also connects with other creative work, which we tailor to our clients – ads, since the first idea, though rough draft, production, photography and postproduction.

We use top of the class, modern technology and good attention to application of correct color management throughout the whole process.

Enjoy our portfolio and feel free to contact us!