For over 40 yrs Swimsuit Illustrated has been at the forefront of swimwear, fashion and the modeling Industry with the Sports fan in mind. We are not Sports Illustrated! We have a different direction – Swimwear beauties, swimwear designers, models, photographers, fitness, trends travel, artists and musicians from around the world are our focuses. We Are The True Illustrated for SwimSuits! It’s not just a Magazine, its a Lifestyle!

Our reach is global. We touch millions every day with our message and lifestyle. Our digital edition is also helping to save the environment. We choose not to damage our rain forests and pollute our waters. We bring you the edition free, so you can read it here, or just download and enjoy. We continue to produce a print publication that can be purchased.

We invite you to be a part of the Swimsuit Illustrated family and extend our island like hospitality for you. Stay tuned, stay sexy, stay hip and trendy and most of all stay happy and fit with Swimsuit Illustrated Magazine.

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